JQuery browser support

Hi everyone, I was curious, I have this jQuery code for a slide show but the browser support is a little limited. My question is someone visits my site with a browser not support is there a way to display an alternative, sort of like a back up plan? Would I use <noscript> ? I’m not sure about anything with jQuery, not really sure if this is the right thread, but I appreciate any help. thanks

jQuery supports IE6.

Agreed. But it may be that code which you wrote or may be plugin of jquery (for slideshow) may not be supporting IE 6.

Anyways can you provide the link for the code ?

I think IE6 do not supporting jquery.

Rubbish from a spammer.

jQuery supports IE6.

The technique that you’re after is a standard one called progressive enhancement. You start with the non-scripted version of the page, and then use scripting to enhance the user experience.

You should find that most of the jQuery coding principles allow the HTML code to be presented with some appropriate CSS in a non-scripted environment, so that when scripting is available it “just works” as expected.

take a look




both false in IE


thats why i asked, some browsers dont support jquery including that, but my question is what can i do to have back up plan to show something instead perhaps?