jQuery browser error

Hi there,

I am trying to use a simple jQuery script to rotate through some list items in an unordered list.

I have managed to get this script to successfully work on a different page on a different site but am returning a browser error when transplanting the code onto the new page. Wordpress is loading jQuery and I have written a function to successfully load the following code into the head section within <script> tags

	$('#testimonials .slide');
		$('#testimonials .slide').filter(':visible').fadeOut(1000,function(){
				$('#testimonials .slide').eq(0).fadeIn(1000);

Firebug returns the error $ is not a function. I’m sure its something basic that I have missed but thought I’d better consult the experts anyhow.

Any help most appreciated,

Thanks in advance

I think you would need to make sure that that code snippet appears AFTER the jQuery include.