Jquery background photo effects

Hi guys.
I am currently in discussions with a client to build them a website. The client has done the design assuming it will be built with Flash (ie. the pages are all full colour beautiful hi-res photos that fade in and out with the website content and navigation overlaying that.
However, i prefer not to make websites with flash because i feel its more difficult to achieve the seo benefits and deep-linking that is so easy with standard website.

So i guess my question is can i achieve these same background photo fade effects with Jquery. Ive been trying to find an example online but cant anything not using flash.

I guess what im trying to do is similar to http://www.august.com.au/ except with a series of images fading in/out in the background.

Thanks guys.


I googled for: jquery background slideshow

Yep i actually saw that one in my google travels, but it looks just to be a gallery not a website.

or would it be fairly trivial to place my website content over the top of this?