JQuery (animations) not working in >IE9 and >iOS6

Ive asked everywhere and one I know, practically, and I am really hoping someone here can help me with a support issue.

I’m developing a JQuery fallback to a CSS3-Accordion. A live example is here: HTTP://MSU.edu/~mirirfan/maurers

Currently, the live example alerts what is catching an event. This is a test to see if the browsers in which it is not working are catching the event or not. By the results, I found out that IE 8 and less and iOS 5 and less are not.

And by not working I mean the panels / slides of the accordion do not open up / slideDown.

I asked some people on the jQuery forums, but they are stumped on why its not working. One person said it may be due to me using the :animated in my jQuery, which IE and iOS do not support. But said person did not have an alternative method of rewriting my code without it.

What I am trying to achieve is to get the corresponding to slideDown once the input (checkbox) is checked / label is clicked and then slideUp when the input is unchecked / label is clicked again.

Can someone please help me fix my code so that it works in IE and iOS ?

I would sincerely appreciate any and all help.

Thank you in Advance!

I can’t open the demo… Could you please check that it’s the correct url? I’m being redirected to: http://msu.edu/errorhandler404.php

Oh, I found out that the code was working perfectly, but got messed up by a polyfill I was attaching for browsers that don’t support :animated. Once I removed the polyfill, it worked in iOS, but continued to not work in legacy-IE. So in IE8 and less, I disable the accordion effect and have all the panels open using the following style:

.ac-container article{