jQuery Animation


I’m looking for some guidance using jQuery for some animation in a project I am currently working on. To give a little background, it is a booking application, organized by week. Only one week is presented to a viewer at the time, and there are many different ‘items’ the user can book, each having their own tab (already accomplished using jQuery AJAX and tab switching). However, now, I’m at a problem. To load the next week, or last week, the user makes a new HTTP request and grabs the whole page which is a little distracting and not as fluid as I would like. Therefore, I’m looking for some jQuery that would allow the current week to slide out to the left, in it’s own container div. Then, AJAX would call up the next week, and this would slide in from the right (perhaps being pre-loaded when the page is loaded, and the next next week called by AJAX when that is done to try and stay a step ahead). I have jQuery and jQuery UI available to me in this project, and was wandering if somebody could point me in the right direction / demo of this somewhere. I had a look around the jQuery site but there was nothing like I was trying to achieve.

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Maybe use the jquery tabs or accordian and preload the data into them instead of making the AJAX calls. It would be a bit faster that way.