jQuery and Images Problem


I’m not sure if anyone knows much about jQuery but here is the link…


Now you’ll notice the images rotate and fade in-and-out but only the first person continuous to go through the cycle where as I’m looking for all to go through.

If anyone is familar with this slideshow by Jon Raasch then that would by great the link for the jQuery slideshow can be found here…

Would you recommend to keep it in JQuery is possible or should I build 4 different image faders in flash instead?




That routine is only meant for one set of images. There is a link in the comments on that page to another one that might be better:


You realise that Id’s are unique and you can’t re-use the same ID. You need to use different ids for person, who-next and slideshow.

Use the same class to style them all and then use a different id to identify them only.

Excellent thanks for the help!