JQuery And Css3 which is easy

i want to be design a web page tell me which is batter to make a good design and which is easy to use .
jQuery or Css3 give me some suggestion about that
which one is to be make a good or creative design on my web page.

give me some suggestion

Both languages ​​are completely different purposes.
You might visit those links to find out what is jQuery and CSS.
Cheers !

Hello gtminfotech,

It’s not right to ask which tool is better for creating creative design, your imagination is only thing that restricts your design (also experience sometimes). As saying in Russian, for bad dancer, pants is a distraction.

However peterorl is right about different purposes, but these tools both can be used for animation purposes. JQuery is a library written in JavaScript for crossbrowser DOM manipulation, meanwhile CSS’s purpose for styling HTML elements. CSS3 brought new features such as animations, transitions, border rounding, outter/inner shadows, text shadows, gradients and other cool features.

You need to learn CSS, because this is the tool for creating designs. jQuery is more for interaction and animations (which can be implemented with CSS3 too).

You can checkout w3schools website for CSS basics tutorials or SitePoint for more advanced ones. MDN is another great place which you can check out.

Good luck with your beginnings! :slight_smile:

I suggest you start by getting a good understanding of HTML and CSS. That’s really bread-and-butter stuff, that all web developers need to know. After that, learn the basics of JavaScript.

You might find that’s all you need for developing your site. But, in any case, once you’ve got a good grasp of the basics, you’ll be in a much better position to understand what other tools are available, and which of them, if any, you might need to learn.