jQuery Address Plugin using .live()

I’m working on converting all the scripts on a site I am working on to use jquery 1.8.2. We’ve been using the jquery address plugin:

It is using $.live() twice on line 670, and I’m wondering if the proper conversion is like this:

// Old
$(sel ? sel : this).live('click', f).live('submit', function(e) {

$(document).on('click', (sel ? sel : this), f).on('submit', (sel ? sel : this), function(e) {

Looks fine to me. Is it not working?

I haven’t tested it yet. I’m still going through all of the js files and replacing all of the instances of .live() with .on(). I’ll test soon and let you know if there are any problems. Thanks for your reply.

Seems like things are working good. Thanks.