Jquery add new element moves to top

I have a small script which adds form input fields dynamically but whenever I click the button to add a new element the screen scrolls to top, is there a way to stop that?

this is my script:

var fundadores = 1;
$('.fs_fundadores .agregar').click(function() {
	fundadores ++;
	$('<div class="clearfloats"><label>' + fundadores + '. Nombre</label><input class="field" type="text" value="" name="dynamicn[]"><label>Correo</label><input class="field" type="text" value="" name="dynamicem[]"></div>').fadeIn('slow').appendTo('.fs_fundadores');
$('.fs_fundadores .quitar').click(function() {
if ( fundadores > 1 ) {
	fundadores --;

Never mind, I just realized that my anchor tags were the ones causing it, I added the .preventDefault(); to the function.