jQuery : add a border of an element

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Can anyone help me about the following issue…

…I have an element (for example <div>) that i displayed in my browser is overflowed and overflow is hidden.

Now after displaying browser when I move my mouse over to it, I want to add a border to the <div> using jQuery

.css("border","2px solid red").

But the problem is::: at left side and top side border is added but at bottom and right border not added since these 2 sides overflowed.

how can I add the border at all 4 sides?

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Why not just use CSS for this? Anyway, I would put a border on the unhovered state too, either the same color as the background or transparent, and resize the div to accommodate that extra border. Then on hover (div:hover in the CSS) just change the color.

[QUOTE=ralph.m;4672412] resize the div to accommodate that extra border. QUOTE]

How can I resize the div? It is already sized and overflow is hidden…

Here is the situation: http://amerimav.com/amerimav/rashidul/google2/