jQuery accordion panel show li:first as active

Alright, so I’m stumped!

I’ve got an accordion horizontal panel, and I have it set to display #accordion li:last - on page load. Then clicking on the panel lables will open other panels

my delimma is that on page load, the content of the active panel is not displayed until you click on its respective “label”…

I think I’m missing some code for the activeItem… I need it to show the content of that li tag on page load…

ALSO, I’ve tried giving the li tag I want displayed first its own id, but had no luck with that…

here’s my code


activeItem = $("#accordion li:last");

$("#accordion li").click(function(){
    $(activeItem).animate({width: "40px"}, {duration:300, queue:false});
    $(this).animate({width: "810px"}, {duration:300, queue:false});
    activeItem = this;


link to live version: