jQuery accordian menu in quirksmode?

Hello all,

For reasons not under my control, I need to implement this menu: -

on a page which runs in quirksmode in IE. To get to the point, the menu dosent display correctly in this mode (as I expected).

I belive issues with jQuery running on a page in quirksmode is a well documented thing. But to anyones knowledge is there anyway of working around such a problem / come across similair problems before? The menu flashes and there are spaces between the items.

Many thanks!

The issue with quirksmode will be rooted in CSS. The people in the CSS forum will be able to tell you what the problem is, and based on their advise for how to fix it (go to standards mode? Perhaps something better) you can then implement that fix.

Thanks for your input, I will ask the bods on the CSS forum :slight_smile:

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