Jqtouch app, image gallery and unwanted base64 code


I’ve got an almost complete jqtouch webapp, which is working fine on Windows Safari, but when I run it on Apple Safari or port it on to an iphone as a Phonegap, the image gallery breaks due to a whole bunch of base64 code being injected into the DOM after the main image has loaded. You can see the result and accompanying web inspector here:


The images are pulled from an RSS feed and the main image pops up after the user clicks on a thumbnail in an image grid.

Does anyone have any clue as too what might going on here? Why does this happen only on apple machines but not on apple software on a PC? It’s very strange…

Sometimes the base64 is pasted transparently over the image like in the screenshot, sometimes the image slidesleft revealling the base674 behind it and sometimes there is “TypeError:Result of expression ‘hash’ is not an object” in the web in the error console…?