Jqeury: facebook + coca-cola on facebook


Does any one know how can I make programme like Coca-Cola on Facebook, where you can click on the images, and you will see a facebook popup, then you can comment on the image?

Is it a javascript default code from facebook itself or a developer has to create it?

Can I use jquery on facebook by the way or any way to get around to using jquery on facebook?


yup …
jquery …javascript…mootools doesnt work with fbml…
they have FBJS their version of javascript…
plus you need to be careful with variable name…function name with that …(some times it can be annoying)
if you really want to use jquery with in app or fbml
then have a look at

I totally agree with your OP,

we almost can’t find any documentation for developing facebook applications from facebook itself! now I know, what a suck social network but I’m one of the frequent facebook users! :rolleyes:

I have nothing against any platform…but read this as well
http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showthread.php?t=640058 :slight_smile:

thanks for the link! :slight_smile:

I’m hating it! sign :sick:

any way this is that documentation page

any way this is facebook version of iframe…so you can use jquery or javascript within a page and include it using fb:iframe…

I have found it is more easier than learning fbjs…

about annoying …more annoying things will come …latest being deprecation of fbml… :slight_smile: so if you really want to do fbml…prepare yourself for it…it is part of programming… :wink:

[FONT=“Georgia”]It is.

I forgot what it’s called, but it’s Facebook’s equivalent of a Javascript alert();

You’ll have to do some reading in the FBML documentation (I can’t remember what it is off hand, sorry).[/FONT]

Can I use jquery on facebook by the way or any way to get around to using jquery on facebook?

[FONT=“Georgia”]I doubt.

Facebook seems to be pretty restrictive in their support of Javascript, so I suspect you’d have to work with whatever tools are currently available to you through FBJS.


thanks. yes now I have learned that FBJS or even FBML is very annoying!

sorry the link you gave doesnt have anything on that page,


thanks i will have a look on FBJS :smiley: