Journalist or blogger?

Many bloggers say now that if they post news in real time on their blogs, and articles they can be considered journalists. I don’t know what to say because i think there is a big difference between the two.
What do you think about these two?

I cook every day in my kitchen. Am I a cook then ?

I do agree that jounalist is classified under being formal while blogger is informal.

For me a journalist is someone who extracts the news, investigates and publishes something. Most bloggers just rewrite existing information.

Then the blogger who wrote the blog can be considered as journalist. :wink:

But what about the journalist from the online magazines? They are also journalists, aren’t they? They don’t have to write only in a newspaper to be journalists, the journalists and the area addapted to the evolution of the technology.

I think these are the blogs of the journalists or even newspaper’s blogs. On the blogs they can write the articles with a more personal note and can obtain a more important feedback.

Well the dictionary definition says “A journalist collects and disseminates information about current events, people, trends, and issues.” so if you’re going by the strict idea behind the world, then of course bloggers can be journalists. Many blogs set very high standards for their content, and many of the larger multi-contributory blogs have style guides, fact checkers, copy editing teams (etc). Claiming that just because they choose to work solo and publish their information on their own sites rather than selling it to the press doesn’t make them a journalist is a rather foolish perception to have. Sure there’s a lot of hobbyist bloggers out there, but there are dedicated individuals who work to report events and news that are well sourced, factually correct and often these days scoop the major news desks. Anyone who reports events of public interest deserves the right to be classed as a journalist, and the law seems to agree (in that respect). :slight_smile:

Proof enough that bloggers can be more professional than traditional journalism. :wink:

Yes, it doesn’t mean you are a professional, but the skill itself deserves attribution. :slight_smile:

I would seriously advise you retract this statement, you are implying is that the majority of bloggers are criminals and plagiarists. Producing derivative products of someone else’s work is a criminal offence, suggesting that most bloggers are doing it deliberately is as close to liable (false accusations of criminality) as you’ll find. :slight_smile:

I think bloggers need not worry much about the ‘quality’ of the ‘news’ they post whereas for journalists, it is a must to maintain unique quality for the articles they write.

Just look at the word journalist and think about it’s origins. In its most simple of forms it means someone who keeps a diary or journal. For all intensive purposes that’s exactly what most blogs started out as. They’ve evolved quite a bit since the beginning, but the same can be said about journalism.

So can bloggers be journalists? Sure. Although I feel journalist has turned into meaning someone who reports news in the media, but most people are getting their news on the web these days. If you want to be taken seriously as blogger reporting news then you’ll have standards, a writing style, and cite sources. In essence you’d act exactly like a print or television journalist.

Fact of the matter is most of the people we call journalists today don’t even deserve that right. So I say more power to the bloggers out there breaking articles, doing real research, and writing articles that need to be written for public benefit and not for profit.

You’ve never read The Sun then have you? :rofl:

correct me if im wrong…

but for what i know, bloggers are those who writes informal news and articles without format and even without a formal education… training is fine…

on the other hand, journalist are masters of their fields since they write with patterns and they follow steps…

You’re wrong, there are LOADS of professional bloggers / journalists whom are not only masters of their field but they also have a formal education in the subject. :slight_smile:

In general a blogger is an individual who maintains the blogs and share his choice of interests.

Newspapers published blogs are mostly moderated by admins or its members. :wink:

What about all the blogs published by newspapers?

I don’t think that too many journalists are bloggers, I mean I am sure that there are tons of them out there, but the majority of bloggers are definately not journalists.

In my own opinion, if you called your self journalist, you have graduated with a journalist major course. That means, we can be called journalist if we studied journalism. All journalist can be a blogger but not all bloggers can be journalist

journalist are those people who write articles in newpapers etc while bloggers are those people who write articles at their blogs.

I don’t think any blogger claim that they are journalists unless they have experience in journalism.