Joomla, wordpress and blogspot which one is index faster from Google?

Go with wordpress. It is very easy to customize. and available so many free plugins and modules. And when compared to all other the wordpress will be index faster.

I don’t think anyone can give you the definitive answer to this because there are so many variables (especially with hosted solutions like blogspot or the hosted version of WordPress) but here is a very good article about search engine myths that should help you understand what will and what won’t help your indexing:

I think, Google Index Blogspot faster, especially when it comes to new websites, but after a while this doesn’t matter, if you update your website constantly on daily bases, Google will index your posts, in like 5 or 10 minutes, if you use Wordpress, is also a good idea put some sites on your ping list.

in this site you can find alot of ping-able sites. There´s also a TXT version of that list here

Neither is going to inherently “index faster.” It’s about your content, how you set things up and how you structure things.

That said, the important things a CMS can do for you is give you control over things like titles and alt tags when you insert images, along with what you put in your meta tags at the head of your document. And to my knowledge, I don’t think any of the CMS’s you mention limit you in those regards (although I can’t really speak for blogger). You’ll also want the ability to re-write your URLs and use custom slugs so you’re not stuck with URLs that look like

And again, to my knowledge, Joomla and Wordpress both offer that. So ask not what your CMS can do for you. Ask what you can do for your CMS.

you can try blogspot, its faster indexed even its free

I think that wordpress is the best one to go with… This days you have so much plugins which can help you to improve your SEO… Also I never saw sitemap solution for blogspot which can satisfy me, and I never used joomla so my vote goes for WP. Be aware that there are many factors about indexing, for example: site with better backlinks will be indexed faster without even considerig site software.

Wordpress is just the best in terms of crawling… Don’t know why but Google just love Wordpress.

Well that’s great and all but i does nothing to improve the speed that it will be indexed by Google.

If you want Google to index your site you can’t just look at which system gives you meta tags. There are more things to consider. These are the top 4 I look at as a bare minimum:

  1. You need to tell Google where the site is (Google submission page or a script to auto-submit from time to time).
  2. You need a robots.txt file in your root directory to prevent the bot from getting stuck in areas that it doesn’t need to be in.
  3. You need a dynamic XML Sitemap that search engines can use as a cheat sheet to navigate your site
  4. Meta “Revisit-After” and “Robots” tags

When I launch a site, I tell google it is either with a manual submission or with a module that automatically submits the site.

Most CMS systems willl put in a robots.txt file. Check it to make sure that it prevents areas that search engines don’t need (cgi-bin, images, code, etc…) and make sure that it isn’t set to prevent search engines from indexing. I have seen robots.txt files on some shared web hosts set to prevent all indexing.

Typically, I use a module for creating the XML Sitemap and it will automatically update itself as the website or blog changes. It also sends update notifications to Google and other search engines when it does so.

When I set up a site (Drupal), I add the meta revisit or robots tags or use a module that includes them. I also use a module that allows me to create my own meta description or have it generated from the page content.

If you’re serious about looking at how to improve search engine rankings via search engine indexing, you need to read up on how search engines work. Read this article… It’s a good primer and has answers by Matt Cutts (He works at Google) and Matt McGee (He’s an expert):

Based on what? Nothing against WordPress but it is just as bad as any of the CMS systems for cramming junk in with the content. What kind of backup do you have to support that statement?

Blogspot will indexed by google first because blogspot is under google. But wordpress is for fast crawller… Also its depend on your SEO and the way you handle your contents.

I don’t think this is true. The fact that Google owns blogspot or any other domain doesn’t not mean that it will index faster. Google has its own algorithms.

I think you make a good point and I think Google would be in breach of anti-trust laws if they did favor their properties over others.

Crawler never care which cms you are using. Crawler only check either the content is valuable or not. If you have unique valuable content then crawler will give importance to you. It really doesnot matter it is wordpres, joomla or static page

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And as the previous post states, the choice of CMS has no relation on how fast a page will get indexed.

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