Joomla Vs Wordpress

Hi Everyone,

I want to know which one is best when building a web store.

Please help me.


Which they both have their strong points and negative points, and you can throw drupal into the mix, if you are going to do a ecommerce store I would go with Joomla with VirtueMart module. If your site is only going to be a store you might want to just find a full shopping cart like XCart or PrestaShop.

i personally like wordpress because it is more SEO friendly so…
Two years ago i had a web shop that was made in WP - i would share you a link but site is no more online so :slight_smile:

That’s far too generic a question, and personal opinions will abound, as there are features better suited in each application. All other matters will be solely conjecture. If you have a SPECIFIC question, then please feel free to ask, otherwise THREAD CLOSED