Joomla Vs HTML based Website

Which one is better designing language regarding in mind Search engine friendly Facts.

Joomla is not a language, and a ‘Joomla website’ in the end is just HTML/JS code like any other site.

But we to do lot of efforts making url search engine friendly. Lots of changes have to be done a big deal. wastage of time. Dont u think so.


SE friendly urls is something most (if not all) CMS’s support. It’s been a while since I last used Joomla, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of some setting in the admin panels.

Joomla tends to be weak out of the box with SEO. Take a look at Wordpress first.

Joomla is a content management system. Ultimately, it all depends on how you setup your keywords as to how your web page is optimized for search engine results. I second the previous poster and also say that you should look at Wordpress.

I don’t believe so. Joomla has options for SE friendly urls. you can mention your urls as you go on adding new pages.
For SE friendliness, another thing I can mention here, do you know is more friendly than… which can only be attained by a CMS like Joomla rather than normal html sites?

Joomla is completely different to wordpress, as is drupal and all have their strngths and weaknesses. It is true that wordpress does have the biggest chunk of the marketshare and that is primarily down to its extensive library of plugins and the fact that it comes seo friendly right out of the box with only a few settings needed changing in the admin panel.

Joomla on the other hand is better when it comes to handling medium to large sites, this is something that wordpress fails at. Joomla is a content management platform and wordpress is and always will be a blogging platform.
I dont prefer one over the other, in fact I use both.

My own website uses wordpress as its only small but I use joomla if I have to, the learning curve on drupal is crazy. You can teach a six year old joomla. Trust me on this the six year old these days are more clued up than you realise!

Check this link to know the differences b/w Joomla and HTML based Website

HTML based is the best for SEO but you should not use this approach if your site have a lot of content and have content update frequently. In that case, you should use a CMS like Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress… IMO, until now, Wordpress is the best for SEO. :slight_smile:

What do you think the pages created by any CMS you see in your browser are made of?
That’s right: HMTL :eek:

IMO, until now, Wordpress is the best for SEO. :slight_smile:


I know man, I used to be a programmer and now mostly working on SEO. I had used a lot of CMS. So I know how the pages created by CMS. For browser, they are all same. But for SEO, there will be something different.

I don’t know if you’ve ever used wordpress but I see wordpress do onpage SEO pretty well, especially if you install SEO plugins. You also can have SEO white papers update with a lot of good SEO articles while you are logging in your ACP.

And if you are SEO expert, any CMS is ok. But Wordpress is good for starter.

And they are all just my opinion.

Joomla is good for medium-large websites you update every day. A static HTML/CSS website is good for a portfolio or something smaller that isnt updated often.

SEO can be good on either just work at it, but remember its not just on-page, off-page too.

If you use Joomla and need SEO features, use the sh404sef plugin. Note that it’s not free anymore. The built-in features in Joomla are not very helpful.

If you’re not already locked into a CMS, I would instead suggest wordpress, as it does provide some minimal SEO features out-of-the box, and has a number of plugins available, such as this WordPress › WordPress SEO by Yoast « WordPress Plugins and this [url=]WordPress › All in One SEO Pack « WordPress Plugins

Yes, that’s why I said: if you are SEO expert, any CMS is ok. But Wordpress is good for starter.

I’m using SEO Ultimate, what do you think about it? :slight_smile:

I, personally use html when every I can. I do this for the reason as I know each and every bit of code that goes into my website. I know what it does, and I know how it works. With something like Joomla, I am not going to spend hours upon hours reading all of the code and figuring out how the system works. Like said above, If you update your site daily, go with Joomla. If you are not very good with html, go with Joomla. If you want to know your website inside out like me and know what each bit of code does, go with HTML. Not to say that you cannot know what each bit of code on Joomla does, but it might take some time to figure it out.