[Joomla] Switching Domains - Keep same

I need to change my Joomla 2.5 URL to a new domain but keep everything else (all content and joomla needs to stay/run on the old host - via GoDaddy). I don’t want to reinstall or rehost any files.
I checked out this url.
How can I do this?
Any help is greatly appreciated!

It seem you forget the URL. What do you mean “rehost”? If you want to use new domain then you just need to change it in the configuration.php file.

Is that all I have to do? Im hearing from other people that I have to go in the database and “find and replace” all the old domains with the new one.

It is used for the situation you installed the “not good” extension. For the good extension, they always use the URL from the configuration file. The database change manual always have a risk so that I suggest you only do the change in configuration file to see the result first.
As I know, In wordpress you will need “find and replace” but not in Joomla