Joomla Qlue Tool Tip Plugin Not working?

Hi All,

I downloaded a free tool tip plugin from Joomla Tooltip | Joomla Extension 1.5/1.6 | Joomla Website Designers | Qlue

I installed a fresh jooml 1.5 with sample content and installed the above said plugin.

I have inserted the sample code in my content “{qluetip title=[Tooltip with Text]}Text{/qluetip}”

But its not working i have searched forums, everyone is telling that its working fine. Please let me know am i missing something here?

I just installed the plugin, enabled it, and then inserted the sample code, its not working as it should be…

Any Idea or clue will be very helpfull thanks in advance

Have you enabled/published the plugin. Plugins are not always enabled when installed.