Joomla modules for embeding Flash into the template not working correctly. Any ideas?


We have a Joomla system that we have been working on recently.

We installed the Flash module to allow us to have different Flash elements on the home page and the sub-pages.

However, the module was not properly embedding the .swf files and they would not display correctly.

I went into the index.php file and manually added the code to embed the .swf file. But now, the only problem is that we can only have 1 Flash element for the header in all of the pages.

My question is this: Is it possible to create more than 1 index file for Joomla systems so that the actual front page can use one and the sub-pages can all share the second?

Also, is it possible to edit the CSS files and assign a z-index: property so that the Flash for the sub-pages will show up on top of the Flash for the home page?

Thanks in advance for any insight and feedback.

I appreciate it!

You could create two different templates and assign myTemplate-frontpage to the front page and myTemplate to the sub pages. That way you don’t worry about the z-index for your flash. You simply customize the two index files of the two templates as needed.