Joomla JomSocial Group Comments

Hi all,

I am trying to help a client fix a rather annoying glitch in a Joomla / JomSocial website.

A previous developer, who we don’t know and cannot contact, has modified various parts of the Joomla installation so I don’t know if this particular thing has been messed with or not. But - When I am viewing a group’s front page, the comments listed in the news feed at the bottom are all the comments belonging to the user I am logged in as, regardless of whether or not they belong in that group or not.

For example - If I visit group A’s front page and look at the comments/discussions/newsfeed - It shows all of MY comments that I made in group B’s, group C’s, group D’s pages etc… instead of showing everyone’s comments from group A.

I am convinced the error lies with the SQL Query constructed to fetch the comments from the database. It is probably saying something like “select * from jos_community_activities where app = “group.wall” && user = $userid” or something along those lines - whereas it should be saying something like "select * from jos_community_activites where app = “group.wall” && group = $groupid . - This is just an educated guess…

Perhaps somebody with Joomla/Jomsocial experience could tell me what file deals with constructing this SQL Query so I can at least rule it out - I have been looking through the files all day and I cannot find anything that deals with what posts will be displayed in the group’s frontpage’s newsfeed/stream (whatever it’s called).