Joomla installation

i am trying to install joomla in windows. The installation freezes before final stage. i tried to install in both xampp and wampp .i even tried all joomla versions above 2.5. i even get the error “please delete the installation directory” sometimes. i tried deleting the directory but it did not solve any problem of mine.
can anyone please help me in finding a solution for this problem , that would be great help since i am struggling with this problem since past 2 days.

thank you

“please delete the installation directory”

This is not an error, it is a message that the install was successful and that you must delete the directory in order to continue. On that page, there are two options: go to the site or go to the administrator login. What happens if you go to either / both?

thank you 2ninerniner2 , i had change the output buffer value in php.ini file and now the problem is solved :slight_smile: