Joomla! Installation Problem

I see that this board is largely for Wordpress users but that stinking Joomla! forum always screws up and I can’t login.

So I am trying to install Joomla into a folder within an existing website which will be moved to its own domain later on. I have done this before, except I host with Bluehost which has a Joomla! installation button right in the cPanel. The web host that I am creating this website on does not, so I was trying to manually install Joomla! for the first time, following these instructions -

I did everything as instructed but when I try to visit the site @ I get this message “Database Error: Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to MySQL”

I changed the configuration.php file to the following:

var $dbtype = 'mysql';					// Normally mysql
var $host = 'localhost';				// This is normally set to localhost
var $user = 'selectyo_giobean';							// MySQL username
var $password = 'xxxxxxx';						// MySQL password
var $db = 'selectyo_giobean';							// MySQL database name
var $dbprefix = 'jos_';	

Which should be all correct, unless there’s something that i don’t know about? I created the user and databases called giobean, and selectyo is the prefix that was put before them, I don’t know the technical term for it but it is the username when I sign in to the cPanel. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’m desperate here… Thanks!

There’s any number of things that could be the cause. The info you supplied all looks correct, so it may not have anything to do with your config settings. Just a few things to think about …

  1. Not all hosting companies use “localhost” as the mysql host, so you might just want to double-check that with your hosting provider.

  2. When you created your mysql username and password … did you assign that username to the database you’re using? And did you then assign all permissions for that database to that user? These are a couple of routine steps that can sometimes be easy to forget.

Thanks for the reply. I did make sure to assign the user to the db, and assigned all privileges. I am just going to be creating the site in a folder on my own domain where I can install Joomla! with no problem. And hopefully when the new site owner gets a domain I wont have these problems setting the website up there!

You can use the following tutorial “

My guess is the “host” value is wrong. Not that I’ve dealt with that many, but every one has always been different than what I expected it to be.

Double check in the “database” section of your admin panel and/or the site’s support wiki. It’s usually rather obscure and not so easy to find.