Joomla Images on Front Page


I have asked this question a while back with no avail, possibly posted in the wrong area. is a joomla based site, and I would like to make a few modifications that I cannot seem to do with my current knowledge.

I would like to make all images that appear before the “read more” line (in joomla 1.5) to be shown on the front page (as they currently already do this) however I would like them to be scaled down and link to that article.

So that the images are scaled and linkable, however when you view the article the image is larger and is no longer linkable.

I would like to do this so that the images fit into the content better and I don’t have arbitrary (or at least seemingly arbitrary) spacing between sections and to allow for a little more navigability and aesthetics.


Used a plugin available for joomla, and had to modify some parameters and vuala! check it out at

Hi! What plugin did you use?