Joomla - How to edit the homepage


Can someone please tell me how I can edit my website homepage using Joomla 3.0?

I need to remove some javascript thats hiding an email address, as its causing IE to crash.

Many thanks

Hi there,

I don’t have much experience with Joomla, but I would imagine that you log in, are presented with some kind of dashboard and can then choose the page to edit.
Is there something in particular you are having trouble with?
What have you tried and what isn’t working?

There are also loads of tutorials explaining how to do this.
Maybe trying Google might help:

Joomla homepage depending on your template and your articles.
can use Joomla content editor to do it via backent

Brilliant, thanks folks

If you have access to the template files via cpanel you should be able to delete the lines easily without having to log into Joomla. Make a backup first.

Thanks folks