Joomla HELP


I have a website in joomla and its all working fine. We have contents and plugins and some modules installed in it.

But now we want use this joomla site for another domain. So baiscally we want to move it to other domain and use the existing Plugins and Modules but NOT to use the articles/contents. Because we will be using it some other thing.

Is that possible to do it and Please explain how.



Just copy everything across (files and database) and change your configuration.php to have the new domain name and different db information, then remove the articles and content in the administration.


Ok, but there is one thing i.e. the current working site is in swedish language ( articles displayed in swedish language) although when i login to admin panel it is in english. So will it work as you saying to remove the articles after copying it to new location.

Also, about the database its a little big. I normally used phpmyadmin to import the db but it normally fails when the database is large what you suggest for this.



Should be just a setting for language.

For the db, you can use a ssh if available, or another tool such as which won’t time out, or if your host is decent, just upload the dump and they should execute it for you

Yea, the language will just be a setting in the configuration file. The dump shouldn’t be a problem with phpMyAdmin I’ve done dumps nearly a GB in size before and never had it crash (it’ll take freaking ages though).

How long is ages? They crash for me as well, assume it’s max_execution_time.

phpMyAdmin should take care of max exec time for you - it might take up to like 15, 20 mins.

The best bet is if you have ssh access then shell in and use mysqldump, or back it up a table at a time.

Do you really mean phpmyadmin itself take care of the execution time regardless of setting and client internet connection speed? So as far as I know it really matters with the client internet connection speed as well. I have been broken up with execution time exceeds for several times even with exporting 10/20 mb from phpmyadmin.

No, he means the directive

Apparently phpmyadmin will extend that no matter how long it takes to upload. Doesn’t really work for me though.

Hi All,

Thanks for some valuable replies. I forgot to ask in my previous post that after transfering the files and database of joomla to another sever, Then which files i should use to configure it to work on new server.



Joomla’s configuration file is named as ‘configuration.php’ which is located in the root of the joomla folder.

After you copy and clear it out do another mysqldump and save it. That will then become your SQL for your next site, and the next, and the next. :slight_smile: GL

If your host doesn’t allow overrides of php settings, then phpMyAdmin won’t be able to change the max exec time - which could be causing the time outs.