Joomla extension

I am trying to install art sexy lightbox into the Joomla extensions.

In the area called upload package file, I have browsed for the art sexy lightbox. I am directed to a Choose Upload from which I have the following folders:

I have selected attachments folder and when I press Open I am brought back to the Joomla extension manager with the package file called
C:\Users\Declan Dunne\Documents\Downloads\xampp-win32-1.7.3\
When I ask it to upload file and install an error message comes up at the top saying
Error! Could not find an XML setup in the package.

Neither the PDF file you sent with directions on how to do this nor Joomla is able to help me.

Can you explain to me step by step what I should do?

Thank you




  1. is not actually the file you have downloaded for this extension

  2. The extension provider bundles multiple extension parts into a zip file. This is quite common. You need to unzip the file and see if you can find an installation file.
    Either way, the zip file is likely to contain other zip files starting with

  • com_ (Component)
  • mod_ (Modules)
  • plg_ (Plugins)

You can install these one by one.

Hope this helps,