Joomla & E Commerce

I love Joomla and want to use it to make an E-commerce store. In the past I have used Open Cart and Presta Shop. I like those programs, but they are seperate and the template system does not combine with Joomla without having to do a lot of editing. Does anyone have any experience using Joomla and a e-commerce solution that blends in well together?

I have used VirtueMart many years ago and there were tons of bugs, has anyone seen any improvements on VirtueMart?


Joomla is good for CMS but new for ecommerce… Joomla is having rich CMS features which no other architecture offers… as per one report Joomla is that famous and successful open source architecture which is having 3% of website developed with it in the world.

This is really interesting number but true…!

Joomla offers web site owners and developers great features and benefits. Joomla is well supported by a community of developers and service providers. Most web hosting service providers support Joomla installations. In essence, Joomla is fast growing with a great support structure.

…joomla has 8x as many exploits listed on security databases as the next most exploited web site platform, and 100s x most cms platforms

You can also try jMarket. It’s a multi-vendor e-commerce solution.

I agree with some that you don’t necessarily need to use a Joomla-integrated solution. It is often better to choose an ecommerce solution that is focused on ecommerce, not a bolt-on to a CMS.

Joomla is a tool create a website very good…my nha ban site created by joomla…easy and strong support

How about magento, it’s the number one ecommerce out there.
Check it out!


Joomla is beneficial for CMS simply new for e-Commerce. Joomla is having rich CMS characteristics which no other architecture offers as per one report Joomla is that famous as well as fortunate open source architecture which is having 3% of website developed with it in the world.

As an alternative to Joomla VirtueMart you could easily add-in online store buttons in to your Joomla web pages using an ecommerce hosted shopping cart add-in. With this type of store add-in solution you simply copy and paste the store button code in to your Joomla web pages, e.g. Add to Cart button, Buy Now button, Checkout button etc. and other store features like multi-currency price converter, in-page cart summary info etc.

This type of ecommerce hosted shopping cart software solution can make it quick and easy to add-in an online store and often has great features like SKU stock quantity management, multiple product options, multiple shipping plans, digital download product delivery, variety of payment processor connectors, discount codes, special offers, order management to name a number of features you might want to look for in a store add-in.

You can find hosted cart store button add-ins which integrate right in to your web pages so the store becomes a part of your website, with the shopper staying on your website to view their cart and enter shipping details etc.

Avactis shopping cart has a widget for Joomla. There will be a new widget with more features next week.

Personally wouldn’t recommend a CMS extension for Ecomm.
Been burnt by that when using WP

Would recommend using Javascript integration with your content through Span6. It’s what I use now.

Virtuemart has grown up over the years. I have it installed on two customer sites, and have no problems.

That said, if your aim is to build only an ecommerce site and do not need the extras a CMS offers, you will be better off with a more specific solution. If your store is to be a small one, then OSCommerce and PrestaShop will be good options (make sure to get a decent template, though…).

Do you expect the shop to be expanding a lot, and you are looking for better management and waaaay more capabilities, then Magento is the best. There is a learning curve, and it can cost you tons when you are not technically inclined yourself, but the software is worth it.

Check out Avactis Shopping Cart, they have a widget that will allow to show products from the Avactis shopping cart directly in the Joomla website.

I have been using Joomla! for about 5 years and although it is a tough, robust CMS I have yet to build an ecommerce solution with any of the extensions for it that are worth the time and effort that goes into putting this together. Even so Virtuemart is starting to look good there are a few solutions on the horizon that are very promising. However Joomla! is undergoing some major changes right now and I would not recommend it for anything as dedicated as an ecommerce solution. Not until mid summer 2012 when 2.5 goes stable and is the next long term supported version.

I am really curious where you got your facts from EastCoast?

From publically available web security exploit databases

Without a link it is all hear say! Your opinion is local to this hub only and does not represent national statisitcs. Just because you appear to be the big dog on this list means nothing!

Back it up, Kevin. It’s one thing to criticize a post and another thing to go after the poster. EastCoast, like any other poster on these forums, is not obligated to do research to satisfy your disbelief. We all have access to Google. Go find something relevant and believable that supports your contention and post it in here. But leave the personal attacks out of it, or we will continue these discussions without you.

You tell me to back it up when I am asking EastCoast to back it up but he obviously cannot. I did Google his claim and it came back empty (not that it might not still exist somewhere) and is one reason why I asked for the proof. If Joomla has as many exploits as he claims then I for one would like to know this fact. If someone is going to make accusations it is only fair to ask for the proof and it should not be up to me to research what I understand to be false claims! I don’t have to research it since I know his claim is full of holes! The fact that EastCoast would dance around the topic without proving the point only proves his accusation is based on a personal opinion and not that of fact! Maybe he is like so many others that were unable to get to grips with it and instead of admitting his defeat it is easier to just say it’s bad. He would not be the first to do this and certainly he will not be the last!

If you feel it necessary to boot me because I ask for the proof of what someone says is fact but cannot produce the facts to back it up then so be it. That only supports that the claim is false and the statement is weighted on personal opinion. Your position is that of a corrupt government that we should just tell his followers to take his word for it based on 1790 posts on one forum that is somehow supposed to make him the all-knowing force of knowledge that we should simply believe without question. Sorry but that holds no weight in the real world and if you position is to support that behavior then so be it.

I have something very relevant and believable that supports my retaliation! I have built over 900 websites with Joomla and to date only two have been hacked. That is proof to me that it is not the CMS but the extensions being installed and the hosts that support the site that are the biggest problem, not to mention non-knowing designers that have no business developing with an advanced CMS. I will not set here and claim that Joomla cannot be exploited or that it is 100% secure because nothing on the internet is regardless of the format. However I challenge his claim based on the facts that I know. So if he can only backup his claim with random answers then it is just hearsay and personal opinion, NOT from a database of knowledge as he claims!