Joomla and sh404sef - index.html display

I have a joomla-based website which has sh404sef installed. Mostly joomla displays the frontpage URL as:

Is there a way I can display my frontpage as:

I am able to display (using sh404sef) /index.htm or index,html but I am unable to display /index.html.

Just to prevent any confusion, I do not want to add any extra page but want the same joomla frontpage to appear as ‘index.html’.

Thank you, kindly.

Does Joomla have a way to create aliases? I’m a Drupal guy myself but I would expect Joomla to also have the ability to create aliases and point them at your home page.

Otherwise you could always do a 301 redirect so that whenever anyone requests /index.html, they get your Joomla site.