Joomla 3.x Missing Admin Components Core Menu Items

A Joomla update was accidentally interrupted causing Joomla’s Core Admin’s Component’s submenu items.

  1. Is there a way to recover the Joomla installation/dbase without a backup?
    I’ve already tried the following to no avail:
    Using ‘Joomla Update’
    Using ‘Discover’: didn’t work
    Using database repair: didn’t work

  2. Without a complete rebuild, which seems rediculous, is there a way to fix the dbase tables that control the menu items?
    I’ve already tried the following to no avail:
    going into the dbase table *_menu and setting core component records under ‘published’ to ‘1’

Any advice? I’ve already posted a request on the Joomla forum and have not received an answer.

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