Jomola JHTMLgrid for sorting/re-ordering


We’re wanting to use JHTMLgrid in our Joomla component to allow sorting and re-ordering of a table in Joomla admin (where each entry is an item which may be clicked to further edit it).

Has anyone done this and willing to help out a little to get us started?

Any advice as to something that would be easier to use in Joomla would also be very gratefully received.

We’ve had a look around and so far can’t find a simple example, but perhaps we’ve missed something that someone else has found?

The intention is to allow re-ordering a list of items, either with up/down arrows as in the Joomla Menu Item Manager, or similarly with a numeric order.

Damn - sorry folks, the Jomola in the title obviously should have been “Joomla”! :slight_smile: