Joining FileZilla forum

I want to join fileZilla forum at for some questions about fileZilla Server.

but they don’t accept my email.

If I use gmail, it says the following.

So I made new email at today but it also said.

when I use, it says:

when I use, it says:

Does anyone know Which Email they accept?

I was most surprised to read about not being able to register! A search failed to find a solution but did find quite a few unhappy potential users!

Try posting your question here and hopefully someone will supply a solution.

They do accept Zoho Mail, afaik. :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t know if they accept it, but try Proton Mail. It’s free, sign up literally takes 2 minutes, it doesn’t require a phone no. or any other second factor, and it is (IMO) more reputable than any of those you posted.

Otherwise, as Mr Betong suggests, try posting your question here.


Their email policy appears to be ‘no free emails’ because of the amount of spam robots that can/do use them.

The ones listed above may work, or you can use a privately owned mail address (business, personal, whatever).

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In my opinion that’s just dumb and a great way to drive people away. Making your customers deal with your short comings in spam handling is a great way to loose them. Man, I can’t even fathom telling anyone at my company "hey were going to block the biggest email providers because we can’t come up with a spam strategy ".


To be fair, it’s a free product, and their forum is probably staffed by volunteers (as these forums are), so it maybe was the only viable solution they could find at the time. One would hope it’s a short-term measure, but I don’t know if solutions like Akismet are available for phpBB.

Is it better to put people off signing up, or have a forum so swamped with Spam nobody wants to use it? sdesole

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Except that IS the spam strategy.

As TechnoBear can definitely attest to, even with strong anti-spam bot code, every forum has to deal with spam that gets through the filters. Consider a filter, an email check, etc, as being a % of spam blocked. That’s great, but when you start looking at moderation requirements, it’s not a percentage game - every individual piece of spam has to be handled by a moderator, which takes X amount of time, which means its a numbers game - and the bigger or more popular the forum, the bigger those numbers are.

PhpBB is not good at anti-spam (part of the reason, IIRC, that this forum moved AWAY from such technology…) and FileZilla is a big enough project that their forum will be a fairly high value target for spammers, as well as volume of legitimate users. So either you have a lot of moderators, whose sole job is to hunt the hundreds, if not thousands, of spam messages that % represents… or you have to get stricter in enforcement.


Sorry to me it’s called the price of doing business. Sure that can be there strategy. Also a good way to alienate a customer base. Just saying.

It’s a freely distributed piece of software. ‘The price of business’ is already negative. Using ‘business logic’ doesn’t apply. Unless of course you’re offering to be a moderator full time and spend your entire day doing nothing but deleting threads for free?


Nope, but I also wouldn’t put a system up that has the potential to drive people away. If you want to defend the practice, feel free, I personally would never implement something that fractured my hopeful user base.

Everything will fracture a user base. This is part of development. You’re always going to annoy someone. Filezilla have decided that they would rather frustrate those that use free email services in an effort to prevent spam, than frustrate Everyone by having a forum that was so full of spam messages that no threads ever got read.

shrug Sounds like they chose the better of two options, to me. Sucks? Sure. Necessary? Unfortunately apparently so.


You have to sacrifice one thing for another in the internet world. You can’t really have it both ways when you’re dealing with security and convenience. My security professor once told me

IT seems to ride the line between convenience and safety/security issues, something we need to remain cognizant of in our professions.

I have registered at fileZilla with the email above.
Thank you.


In an effort to avoid the argument entirely they should just shut down the forums and rely on stack overflow, sitepoint, and what ever other forums are left. I do think that is a little odd. At the same time it open source software. People should be happy to have a forum at all. They should be happy to have the software.

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