Jdeveloper jsp sql server: simple tasks , connectivity with database

i want to create simple web application in jsp and sql server as database in jdeveloper using struts,I am new to struts,please help me and tell me steps to create edit delete tasks in Jdeveloper 10G.
Please tell brief or detail steps,I have done the connectivity with Jdeveloper and SQL server,now i want to make the project,thanx

most likely not many people are using jdeveloper, so you don’t get any replies. is there a particular reason to use jdeveloper? JDeveloper considered by many as a bloatware, etc. Most people use Eclipse of Netbeans. If jdeveloper is your only option, then most likely people at jdeveloper user forum will be more helpful then here.

good luck.

If you have been tempted to look in to other Java IDE’s as a way to build your application more easily, I would really recommend Using JetBrains IntelliJ. They have a free edition and a paid for edition. It is just a lovely to use IDE in my opinion, making Java devlopment a pleasure.

IntelliJ IDEA :: Best Java IDE to do more high-quality code in less time