Javscript navigation with hidden UL

I’m working on improving a site that has a Javascript navigation bar. I was considering adding a hidden unordered list to the page to make the links in the navigation bar easier to crawl. Is this a bad idea?

I read that search engines will sometimes count hidden items as spam. Would my usage of a hidden unordered list help or hurt my site in search results?

Any input is appreciated.

It is possible that Google would look suspiciously on hidden navigation, but it depends on how it is hidden. If you create a CSS class set to hidden and then define it in an external CSS file then it becomes a little more difficult for them to programmatically determine it is hidden.

Ideally I would modify your site to not have a javascript navigation, but in the grand scheme of things if you insert a hidden navigation menu then there probably will not be an adverse affect. I would test it out though.

Thanks for the reply. All the URLs in the hidden menu are internal, so I would assume modern search engines are smart enough not to consider that spam. It is hidden with style=“display:none”.

Anyway, I plan to redo the whole site in the future, but for the time being I’m trying to work with what’s there.