JavaScript Vertical Rolling Menu

Hi there, I got a problem: I cant make vertical rollign menu in javascript - all what I did is appearing menu but it dont moves up and down please tell me how to do it so it moves. The live script is under this address:
and source more or less looks like that:

<style type="text/css">
td.boxText ul{
list-style-type: none;

<script language="JavaScript">

var ids=new Array();

function switchid(id){		
	return false;

function hideallids(){
	//loop through the array and hide each element by id
	for (var i=0;i<ids.length;i++)

function showul(id,value) {
	//safe function to show or hide an element with a specified id
	  for (var j=0;j<ids2[id];j++)
	return false;

function showul2(id,value)
	if (document.getElementById) // DOM3 = IE5, NS6
		document.getElementById(id).style.display = value;
	if (document.all)
		document.all[id].style.display = value;

<ul id="1">
<li id="1_0"><a class="cat" href="">CDROM Drives</a></li><li id="1_1"><a class="cat" href=""><b>Graphics Cards</b>&nbsp;(2)</a></li><li id="1_2"><a class="cat" href="">Keyboards&nbsp;(1)</a></li><li id="1_3"><a class="cat" href="">Memory</a></li><li id="1_4"><a class="cat" href="">Mice&nbsp;(2)</a></li><li id="1_5"><a class="cat" href="">Monitors</a></li><li id="1_6"><a class="cat" href="">Printers&nbsp;(1)</a></li><li id="1_7"><a class="cat" href="">Speakers</a></li></ul>
<a class="cat" onclick="return  switchid(2)" href="">Software&nbsp;(4) &raquo;</a>

<ul id="2">
<li id="2_0"><a class="cat" href="">Action&nbsp;(1)</a></li><li id="2_1"><a class="cat" href="">Simulation&nbsp;(1)</a></li><li id="2_2"><a class="cat" href="">Strategy&nbsp;(2)</a></li></ul>
<a class="cat" onclick="return  switchid(3)" href="">DVD Movies&nbsp;(17) &raquo;</a>
<ul id="3">
<li id="3_0"><a class="cat" href="">Action&nbsp;(9)</a></li><li id="3_1"><a class="cat" href="">Cartoons&nbsp;(1)</a></li><li id="3_2"><a class="cat" href="">Comedy&nbsp;(2)</a></li><li id="3_3"><a class="cat" href="">Drama&nbsp;(3)</a></li><li id="3_4"><a class="cat" href="">Science Fiction&nbsp;(1)</a></li><li id="3_5"><a class="cat" href="">Thriller&nbsp;(1)</a></li></ul>