Javascript to Jquery

Hi All

I have been given the task of learning Javascript/Jquery.

I will start learning javascript and then move onto jQuery.

I already have limited knowledge of both and have used them in my sites to some degree.

The question is:

To what extent/depth do I look into javascript before I make the jump to JQuery. At what point when learning javascript do I say “right I have enough raw javascript knowledge, now its time to move to JQuery”.

When ever you read articles its either Javascript only or its Jquery.


Thanks for the reply.

What do you define as “JavaScript core”, thats the question. Whats areas do you regard as the core and to what depth should I study them.

Basically it depends on how well you need to know jQuery. If you only need to know enough to use the basic functionality then basic knowledge of JavaScript will be enough. If you need to know enough about JQuery to be able to pull out just those sections of it that your applications requires so as to cut down on the unnecessary code being downloaded then a fairly advanced knowledge of JavaScript will be required.

The better you know JavaScript the more effectively you will be able to use jQuery.

There is no such point from where you can move onto other JS libraries/frameworks. The basic knowledge about JavaScript would be enough to move onto the jQuery or any other JS frameworks. So depending on for what purpose you are going to use jQuery, you can go for it and use some features of it in your application at any point.

But if you have enough time, it is indeed good to learn JavaScript core before you go for other libraries so that you can work even on developing new plugins for jQuery because to develop new plugins in jQuery you need to be good in JavaScript.