JavaScript to HTML - Server Side - Jaxer?

I would like to load and execute a JavaScript and dump the resulting HTML into an HTML file.
Alternatively, it could also be put into a mySQL database (WordPress).

The Problem
I am building a site with some affiliate products (Commission Junction). They require you to post JavaScript on your page.

  • Their JavaScripts are quirky and sometimes do not load all browsers - they are very unreliable.
  • Google does not read javascript, so they are bad for SEO
  • WordPress does not like JavaScript ‘in the loop’
  • This would also be good for converting Facebook comment threads into SEO, keyword parseable, dynamic content

Jaxer runs JavaScript on the server side, so if there is a demo of it executing the Javascript and dumping the results into an HTML file, this would be a perfect solution. I’ve searched for a while with no joy.

Aptana Jaxer
I have been toying with a few ideas, none of which has brought me much luck, but I’m sure that there is a way to do it with Jaxer.

Does anyone have a link, demo or working script to do this?