JavaScript to change HTML before browser sees it

Hey guys,

I’m a bit new to DHTML and JavaScript DOM, so bear with me please. Okay so I want to grab a page from that changes daily. I grab the HTML page and store it in a PHP variable. Is there anyway I can use JavaScript to alter every specific word in the grabbed HTML page “Bulls” to be “Your Team, the Bulls”, before echoing it with PHP on my site?

I know this is easy with PHP (using replace function), but is it possible to do with JavaScript too? I want it to change before the visitor sees it (before the browser displays it), that way it’s like it’s being loaded instantly the altered way.

JavaScript would need to wait until the page had loaded before being able to make the change. To make the change before the page loads you’d need to do it with PHP.

Is there any way to have a client do preprocessing?