JavaScript, The Definitive Guide 5th V.S. 6th?

Hi guys,

What’s the difference between the two books below,

JavaScript, The Definitive Guide 5th Edition


JavaScript, The Definitive Guide 6th Edition

Has some one had read them?

I have them both but I’ve read the 5th edition but only the half of it.
Is it worthy to finish reading the 5th edition?
Or should I skip it and proceed to 6th edition instead?

Thanks in advance.

I’d skip straight to the 6th. As the author says:

The 6th edition covers HTML5 and ECMAScript 5. Many chapters have been completely rewritten to bring them in line with today’s best web development practices. New chapters in this edition document jQuery and server side JavaScript.

I was going to jump in and say that the new edition also covers lots of the new browser APIs like local storage and web sockets, but then realised that this is probably what the author (and Paul) means by HTML5 … although I hate to call those things HTML.

Anyhow, the newer edition is definitely worth jumping straight into.

Thanks for encouragement guys, I will follow.