Javascript Slideshow

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know of a good javascript slideshow (can’t use flash) that can handle different image sizes? I like Nivo slider but unfortunately I noticed that lets say I have 4 images right? If one image is vertical and half the size then I can see the image under it (example attached) and im not sure that can be corrected. I have to pull images from a source and have them fit within a div without displaying the image under it.

Thanks for any help!

Try the “Anything Slider” [URL=“”]

It doesn’t have all the neat effects the Nivo does, but is very flexible. On the other hand, it might be a little overkill, so in case you’re after something a bit lighter, then maybe jCarouselLite might be the right solution for you

Few to choose from :

You could look at a lightbox solution, where you have a series of thumbnails on the page that, when clicked, result in the full-size image appearing over the page. You can then click arrows to move through the other mages. My favorite is slimbox.

or you can build your own customised slideshow and not be limited to the functionality, layout etc of 3rd party slideshows.


… if you are an experienced JavaScript coder.[/ot]

algozone, I’m in a tugboat next to turkey - I too need a javascript slideshow (no Flash) with little display under the large main image. I liked one from the page you posted - However, I’m not so smart at figuring out how to apply all of the downloaded elements/pieces. I realize the creator put several topics under the demo and intro - ‘Basic HTML Structure’, ‘Basic CSS’, ‘Basic Initialization’, etc., but those headings and code in no way full instructions. I’m afraid I need more step-by-step. I’m creating this client site in Dreamweaver and have a cell where the slideshow is to go. Can you walk me through the step-by-step of getting this to work on the client’s site? I looked on the ‘Slides User Group’ and I’m not sure how quickly they answer questions and the previous posts looked much more advanced -coding questions-than my question. Any help would be appreciated!