JavaScript Slideshow


I am new to JavaScript, sorry if this request may seem to be a bit trivial to you all.

I am looking to install a slideshow on my website, I have used lightbox2 once before, but forgotten how I did it.

Could someone point me in the right direction to install a slideshow on my website or a video on how to do so?

Thanks in advance

It might be better if you choose one to use (I recommend slimbox2), have a go at installing it, then ask when you are having a specific problem. Ideally, stick a page online that we can look at.

Essentially, you

  • link to the jQuery library
  • add in the extra script for the slideshow
  • create a <ul> holding the thumbnails and linking to the larger versions

If you look at the source code of the slimbox page you’ll see how they do it.

Thanks ralph.m this looks like a gallery slideshow, I am looking for a slideshow that plays on its own on a homepage…or with a few tweaks will the slimbox do this?

Thanks in advance

Yes, you just mentioned lightbox so I assumed you wanted something like that. Check out bxSlider. That is probably a better fit.

I got confused with the step by step on that one so found a video where you build your own slider.

Found it very interesting and allowed me to see how they work.

Thanks for the help initially!