JavaScript question in regards to script

I don’t know javaScript at all. I need to implement additional code so that I can append variables in the URL. Have I inserted var addthis_share in the right place? Sorry for the improper indentation. I can’t figure out how to use tabs in this WYSISYG form.

Thank you!

<script type="text/javascript">
var addthis_config = {services_exclude: 'cleanprint'};
var addthis_share = {
url_transforms : {
add: {
x: '11201186',
name: 'matt'

Those two JavaScript statements do nothing at all by themselves. To be able to tell whether those will work or what might be wrong with them we’d need to see the script that uses the variables.

If your talking about addthis it makes ie8 not load. I went to sharethis lockers now. Faster anyway