Javascript popup for a link inside of PHP/HTML

Hello all,

I have the following line:

echo "<div class='photo'><a href='$show'><img class='none' src='$image' alt=''/></a></div>";

And I’d like to have that link open in a popup using javascript (or anything else if not possible with javascript.
I just need it to be a popup, and I will need to do this in several places on the same page (one is a photo link, another is a text link)
All popup windows can be the same size (I would like to set the size) and if possible, I’d like the Title of the popup to have the vehicle year + make + model

Here is the code for the year/make/model:

$show = "show.php?id=$row[id]";
// general information
        if($row[model_year]) echo $row[model_year]." ";
        echo "$row[make] $row[model]</strong></a>";

Thank you