Javascript or CSS? (a z-index-ish kind of problem)

I am trying to have dropdown menu living side by side with a sortable table. Both are there thanks to javasript (Superfish (Suckerfish) and [URL=“”]Datatables (jquery).

The dropdown menue seems to work fine Not Quite until you go to view the [URL=“”]memberslist. Try navigating the submenues once you reached the memberslist and you’ll find that the members table stays on top all the time.

I have been trying to scan the stylesheets for z-indexes, and there are some from the Pirobox-part of the CSS but I doupt that is interfering.

The site runs on an install of [URL=“”]ExpressionEngine v2.1.4

Anyone have a clue on whats going on here?


In your CSS find #nav ul ul and add

z-index: 5000;

Once you have done that your sub navigation menus should appear on top.

…and they do!

I really thought I looked there but I quckly get very blind looking at code…

Thanks again!