JavaScript Onscreen Keboard

I want to create an on screen keyboard without using jQuery. Using an array of symbols as a parameter of its constructor; it should have and array of key class objects to store all keys.

Welcome, @umarsatti. Are you asking someone to create this on-screen keyboard for you, or to help you as you attempt to build it yourself?

SItePoint forums is a place where member discuss various web development issues, and help each other with problems they run into with their web development. It is not a place where people provide free services or code.

If you have started to work on this project, why don’t you post the code that you have already, and let us know where you are having problems with it.

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I suggest you to create some categorize objects with keycodes as this example:

var letters={

var numbers={

var numpads={};

var specialChar={};

var arrows={};

so then you can call each object.key to retrieve the value.

I like the nettuts one. I saw jquery4u, but I didn’t like it because it was based on jquery ui. Do you know any based on html5 canvas?

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