Javascript not showing in IE

i have this script its a counter it shows on all browsers except internet explorer

`<span id="views_jav_cal">
var myFloat = ( {AUCTION_VIEWS} / 2 ) ;
var myTrunc = Math.trunc( myFloat );
         document.write(myTrunc+ "");

what am i doing wrong here? thank you

What does the console show?

There are several questions.

  • Why is AUCTION_VIEWS in uppercase?
  • Where is the value of AUCTION_VIEWS coming from?
  • Why is AUCTION_VIEWS inside of curly brackets for an object?
  • Why is that which seems to be an object, being divided as if it were a number?
  • Why is an empty string being added?

Good code should not result in any of the above questions.


it shows numbers but doesnt show on internet browser

no worries, sorted out

Care to enlighten the class?

this <script> var myFloat = 5.8; var myTrunc = Math.trunc( myFloat ); document.write(myTrunc+ " "); </script>

does display on IE i dont know why

but this does

<script type="text/javascript"> 
    var round =Math.round(5.8); 
    document.write("Number after rounding : " + round);  

IE does not support the “.trunc()” math function.

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yh , ie is one hell of a setback, anyway i tried another code n thats ok

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