Javascript More Info Text? Are they SEO Friendly?


I have come across JCREW using Javascript More Text on their Product Pages. They show only a part of the text and the rest of the text is shown when you hover your mouse on the More… Link.

It makes the Product page attractive by keeping the Description Short. But is it SEO Friendly?

Looking forward for your suggestions or if there are better ways to show Product Descriptions.


No javascript are not SEO friendly.If you want to use javascript in your site then use it as an external file.

Have you seen the url I was talking about - . It is from one of the biggest American Brands and they rank very well. Well can that be a way to go to describe products on your online shopping ecommerce store without having to worry about SEO.

Any text, link or other content that can only be accessed with Javascript is likely to be ignored by search engines (as well as some people). If you can click on the link without Javascript and go to a new page with the extra description, search engines will be able to read it.

Thank you Stevie. What do you think of the above implementation in the said url page. Is it SEO Friendly.

I really wouldn’t recommend following that site’s model. They might get away with it because they are a major brand, but if you were starting up your own new site with the same setup, Google would take one look at it, laugh and walk away.

Disable Javascript and see what happens when you try that site … it gives you an image about 900×500px (in a 2-level nested layout table) telling you to enable Javascript or go away. No alt text, nothing. And that page alone has 68 errors even against HTML4.01T.

In other words, they have a really, really cruddy site that is only successful because of their off-line brand. The chances are that you won’t have that luxury.

Thanks Stevie. I thought so. Its because of the brand name that has kept them going. That makes it clear for me of how I need to display product descriptions.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t use Javascript to enhance the experience for users who have it enabled. For example, you could have the whole description displayed as a default, and then use JS to hide part of it until mouseover/focus. That way, it is SE-friendly and accessible, while keeping the visual simplicity of short text for most visitors.

Well thats exactly what JCREW has done in their product page . Only when you mouseover/focus the description shows. Whats different in that page from what you are saying now?

If you turn off Javascript and try the page again, you’ll see what I mean. You don’t get the whole page without certain bits hidden, you get a completely different page that rudely tells you to turn on Javascript before they will deign to permit you into their site. They’ve achieved this with the spectacularly moronic

   <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=/flatpages/enableScripting.jsp">

I don’t know whether Google will pay attention to that, will ignore it completely or will treat it as cloaking … but I wouldn’t want to test it out the hard way!

Yes I have observed that. So your point is We can use Javascript to make user descriptions look concise and compact. Provided it does show up completely even if we disable javascript although the look and feel won’t be that attractive after we disable javascript.

Basically the complete text needs to be loaded on the product page and Javascript can be used to beautify it right?