Javascript Live Questions

I’m currently taking the PHP Live course and I’d like to purchase the JS live course too, but I have a few questions before I decide when to order.

  1. Is there any estimation for when the next “live” event will be?

  2. If not, are the forums for JS live still active? And, by “active”, I don’t mean “are they still accessible”, but “is anybody still posting and there to answer questions.”

  3. When you start a new “live” event do you use a new private forum for that group? Or is there just one forum and all threads from the last group are still in there to read?

Thanks :smiley:

Thanks Ralph :smiley: That’s good to know.

I still wouldn’t mind knowing if there is any rough estimation for the next “live” date. But, I understand that there might not be one yet, or maybe Sitepoint doesn’t want to disclose something like that until it’s finalized. I just wondered whether I should wait or not.

But, no big deal.

I can only answer for question 2: yes, they are still live and being posted in daily, though of course not as much as during the course.

Thanks HAWK. :smiley: I think I’ll probably just start it when PHP Live is done then.

At this stage we don’t have a set date but we are thinking that we’ll run the courses every 6 months or so.