JavaScript Internationalization with Java property file (Spring framework message)

I want to implement JavaScript Internationalization.
However, JavaScript does not have the property file mechanism (which is available in Java).
I am thinking of using the Java property file mechanism in Javascript. Is it possible?
I had implemented Java Internationalization with the Spring framework message. e.g.

<spring:message code="menu.administration"/>

How do I use that in Javascript?
All of the following codes had ‘code cannot be resolved’ parsing error in JSP.

<script type="text/javascript">
  var confirmDeleteStr = '<&#37;= spring:message code="account.confirmDelete" %>';
  var confirmDeleteStr = 'spring:message code="account.confirmDelete"';

There is no such thing called “Javascript Internationalization”. You would have to rely on your web server to generate the contents. Therefore, don’t use javascript for that purpose.